what's in THE BOX?

After an alien plague devastates Earth, you are the last Survivor allowed into a secret government facility. However, the real danger has only just begun...

Here's a sneak peek inside box #1. You receive the following clues. It's then up to you to piece it all together. Every month, the plot thickens, and you uncover the mystery... and the murder. "Insanely fun and addicting."


Become the Survivor

Receive your box of clues, items, and correspondence each month. Solve the mystery. Save humanity.


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Your first episode ships same-day. Sci-fi-filled fun, thrill, and suspense then arrive at your doorstep. Every month.

get totally immersed

Escape The Invasion is quite the production to put on. High-quality, hand-crafted clues get you lost in the post-apocalyptic world and make you feel like humanity truly is in your hands.

The game kicks off with a letter that instantly immerses you in the world. A dark secret is revealed. Crafted by a passionate team of sci-fi, mystery, and gaming fanatics -- you'll love every second.

Well-developed characters bring the story to life. Like Persephone Grace, a doctor at the bunker who was found dead. Was she infected with the alien virus... or did something, or someone, else end her life?

In your first box: This Limited Edition NACS Survivor's Water Bottle. Perfect for those pesky alien invasions. Attaches to any bag or belt via a carabiner.

NACS (North American Communications Facility) is where the game takes place. To bring it to life, we created an entire fictional insignia. This patch is 100% authentic and real.

The high-quality Field Notebook is the perfect companion for noting observations and more. It was designed to be the perfect companion to this self-guided journey you embark on alone, or with friends and loved ones.

Inside the bunker, The Council votes on the future of mankind. Political propaganda is plastered throughout. Receive an authentic 2-sided poster that's an integral part of the game. Is it also a clue?

Meet PATRICIA. An A.I. built in 2008 that may hold the secrets of what's really going on. But, is PATRICIA holding any information back? Can she truly be trusted?

Everyone in the NACS Facility must have their key card on them at all times. Here's yours, Resident C117. Don't forget your handy guide to using the facility's AI, Patricia.

Inside your Limited Edition Field Notebook are details, and clues, that make you feel like you are inside Escape The Invasion.

"Death and destruction." The Visitors have wiped out nearly all of human life. Will you save what's left?

ready to survive?



There are 5 gripping episodes every season, each with carefully-crafted clues. Complete your season now.

EPISODE 1: The Visitors

When an alien virus kills nearly everyone on Earth, you find safety in a secret government facility... But a survivor is then found dead -- or was she murdered?

EPISODE 2: Disconnect

You begin to uncover a conspiracy around the victim. At the same time, the Council is making a decision that will affect all of humanity. Are these events connected?

EPISODE 3: Divide

Someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes. But who? And to what end? The survivors become more divided than ever. Should we lock the doors to the outside world forever, or keep them unlocked and risk exposure to the dangers that lurk outside?  

EPISODE 4: The Unfolding

New discoveries come just in the nick of time. But the "conspirator" stays one step ahead. You must find the truth before their plot unfolds.

EPISODE 5: Do or Die

You finally have enough evidence to release the truth to the residents of NACS before the Council decides. All the while, something sinister still lurks in the shadows. Can you solve the crisis in time and save what's left of humanity?

Over 800,000 Episodes Shipped

Over 800,000 episodes shipped, you'll be challenged & engaged by Escape The Room...

Get cozy!

Become enthralled in the mystery.

Play with friends!

Play with your special someone.

Set up your investigation bunker.

Wine certainly doesn't hurt!



"'Fallout' meets 'I Am Legend'"
"FUN! A Sci-Fi Escape Room you play at home."
"Detective work, RPG, and table top games combined. Much recommended!"
"Like being put in the middle of a Sci-Fi novel where you get to interact with the AI and discover Easter eggs."
"I liked the world. There are a lot of questions - are the aliens real or made up? How did this society get to this point? How did we get here?"
"Murder mystery in a Sci-Fi setting. Fun, engaging, can't wait to find out who did it!!"
"Interesting storyline. More interactive than an escape room. The only downside is no hot sauce in the bunker :("
"Engaging, immersive, challenging but not stupid-difficult. At-home, story-puzzle experience.
"Fun mystery with compelling world-building."
"I loved exploring the world of the game. It's cool to step into a fully-realized world."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Escape The Invasion is quite a production to put on! The high-quality materials that make everything feel so "real," the incredible, mysterious story you travel down as you follow the clues...But still, our goal was to keep it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible to spread the joy and fun.

That's why subscriptions start at just $26 per month.

And you can cancel any time. But fair warning: It's addicting! Once you start, you too will eagerly wait for your box each month to keep the tale alive.

Who creates the physical clues & stories?

We assembled the most gripping, thrilling, sci-fi-loving writers and curators we could find.

Their specialty is hooking you in...Keeping you on the edge of your seat...And creating an experience so immersive - it sends shivers down your spine.

That's why our members tell us time after time that it feels so real - and they can't get enough.

How many stories are there?

One of the best things about Escape The Invasion is the fact that the fun never ends. While each "series" is 5 episodes (5 months) long... the story never ends. It's like a gripping sci-fi show that keeps going - only you're the star of the show, Survivor.

I have other questions! How can I reach out?

We'd love to chat with you. To start a chat with our support team, just click here.

Ask any questions you have. We'd love to answer them.

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